International Baggage Insurance
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International Baggage Insurance
  • Electronic device ban in aircraft cabins: We have it covered Our superior includes Phones-Laptops-Tablets & other electronic devices inside your suitcase*
  • With us you can !! And up to 15.000€
  • Your sports equipment, gear and accessories Are safe with us
  • Wheelchair & Standard/Rolling Walkers For our "Special Needs" clients we have a great insurance designed just for you!
  • Point to Point Insurance Just insure your items for the actual flight you are on!
A big THANK YOU to all the companies that visited us at the AVIATION FESTIVAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION - WORLD LOW COST AIRLINES CONGRESS - LONDON . We met with so many interested parties . /// We welcome to our ever increasing list of Airline Partners - SAS and JET TIME. All their passengers will be able to include our insurance when booking any ticket on their network./// Hot Press Release: THE UK and US ban on electrical devices “larger than smartphones” has now come into effect. This came just days after Trump’s ban of electronic devices on flights. ///
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  • As a wheelchair user it is imperitive that my chair is not damaged when I travel. I was able to quickly order my policy and customer support had my back within minutes. Digital registration has been a huge plus for me. This quality of service is hard to come by these days. Thank you!

    Amparo La Roca, Spain
  • I lead a very busy life, often travelling all around the world. I have tried many different insurance companies throughout the years and none could offer a service good enough to earn my loyalty. International Baggage Insurance, however, work on a whole different level! The sign-up and registration process is quick and straightforward and I know that I can reach them at any time from any place should the need arise. I can now relax in the knowledge that the safety of my luggage and personal effects are insured.

    J.Van Pelt, Amsterdam
  • When inspecting my luggage after my recent vacation to East Europe, I found that some items had gone missing. Luckily, I had already registered for an international travel insurance and all it took was a quick call and a short verification period with the customer support. Within minutes I had received the appropriate compensation for my missing effects.

    P.Wolfgang, Germany


What makes us different


Our international baggage insurance comes with a multitude of added benefits, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free process at a high level of security.From our easy-to-use website, through the online booking options, to our friendly customer support, you are offered a unique service. Your items are insured from the very moment you check in at the airport to the time when you collect your bags from the luggage belt at your destination.


With International Baggage Insurance, you stand to benefit from:


  • Hassle-free, online booking options – just click on the form button and follow the instructions.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Our support is always at the ready, offering quick responses and expedient solutions.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage – we cover electronics, unusually sized items and more!

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International Baggage Insurance

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